An animated short film by Animation Works, Holland.
(13:30 min)
Written & directed by
Arjan Wilschut
Music by
Dick Wilschut & Ralf de Jong
Backgrounds by
Ka-Ching Cartoons
Animation by
Pascal Vermeersch, Melvin Silao, Sandro Cleuzo, Ray Woods,
Todd Cronin, Digna van der Put, Viktor Venema & Arjan Wilschut
Effects Animation by
Stephen McDermott, Ka-Ching Cartoons,
Ralf Hekkenberg, Pascal Vermeersch & Viktor Venema
Camera, coloring & compositing by
Nico van Biljouw
Editing by
Dick Wilschut
Produced by
Il Luster Productions
Co-produced by
S.O.I.L (Belgium) and Kavaleer Productions (Ireland)

The film won Audience Awards at both Netherlands Filmfestival and Holland Animation Film Festival, a special jury mention at KLIK! Festival Amsterdam for best political animation, and a Green Image Award in Tokyo.
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