An animated short film by Animation Works, Holland.
(4:40 min)
Written & directed by
Arjan Wilschut
Music by
Dick Wilschut & David Wilschut
Animation by
Pascal Vermeersch, Arjan Wilschut, Viktor Venema, Joost v/d Bosch & Erik Verkerk
Camera & colour by
Nico van Biljouw
Produced by
il Luster Productions

The film won 7 awards at international animation festivals, including Best Children's film in Kyoto, Moviesquad Junior Award at Holland Animation Film Festival, The 'Iron Herring' at the Leids Filmfestival and other prizes in Spain, Egypt, Bosnia and the USA. Hard Boiled Chicken also toured Dutch arthouse cinemas along with the documentary Our daily Bread, which was seen by over 10,000 visitors!
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